PHP Get metadata of remote .mp3 file (from url)

I am trying to get song name

/ artist name

/ song length

/ bitrate

etc. from the remote.mp3 file , for example .

I tried the getID3 script but from what I understand it doesn't work for remote files as I got this error: "Remote files are not supported - copy file locally first"

Also this code:

$tag = id3_get_tag( "" );


doesn't work either.
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function id3_get_tag () in / home 4 / shiro / public_html / scr / index.php on line 2"


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As you didn't mention your error, I am considering the general error case undefined function

The error you get (undefined function) means the ID3 extension is not enabled in your PHP configuration:

If you do not have an Id3. Just check here for setup information.



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