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I am considering creating a website that helps musicians work remotely. To do this, they will need to split large (uncompressed) audio files.

For the solution I am considering, I would like to be able to do the following:

  • Upload / download uncompressed audio files
  • downloaded audio stream

I am concerned about the great need for bandwidth. Do I have to do this in my own (hosted) server space, or is there a service with an API that I can use?

I have checked Amazon S3 which allows me to host files, however I cannot find anything that suggests that I can transfer their services. I'm not sure if S3 is the right fit for what I'm trying to achieve.

Can anyone provide high level architecture advice?

Thanks in advance.


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What Pavel mentioned in his comments is correct ... S3 is not designed for CDNs.

However, unless your audio files are meant to be used by more than a thousand people at the same time, you don't actually need a CDN. You can host them on S3 and stream directly from there (via HTTP) with no difficulty. It looks like you will have a bunch of tracks that only a few people will have access to. S3 is good for this.

When it comes to publishing a finished work that can be used by many, this will be the right time to use Cloudfront.



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