How do you exclude your provisioning profile from the XPC service?

I have a Mac App Store app because I am trying to submit a small bug fix version. This is my first release of Xcode 6, although it causes configuration issues that have worked in the past.

I can submit to Apple, but then I am rejected with an invalid binary status and in the email:

We found one or more problems with your recent delivery for "MyAppName". The following issues need to be resolved to process your delivery:

The location of the invalid Provisioning profile . The provisioning profile for your Mac OS X should be located in the Contents folder of the main application package. The provisioning profile is optional, but you cannot submit more than one.

Once these issues are fixed, you can re-add the corrected binary.

It doesn't matter to me if my app includes a provisioning profile or not, since I don't use in-app purchase or any other App Store features that require one (yet). I only include it because Xcode is setting up the project that way. It assigns a provisioning profile XC: *

(which I did not create) for the main package and the XPC service you can see when you submit:

App submission confirmation screen

In the Code Signing section of my project, I specify Automatic as a provisioning profile setting, and this is not overridden in any target (including my QuickLook plugin). Both the main package and the XPC service define the entitlement file that is required.

The only other options for the Provisioning Profile are Mac Team Profile Profiles . Xcode is generated automatically, which are for development, not for distribution, and other form text. But Other must specify a valid init profile name, otherwise the build will fail. As per this answer, there used to be a No option that should be removed in Xcode 6?

I found this question , but the only answer suggests not signing the helper application. For an XPC service, this is not an option. Or that? I have "Code Sign On Copy" checked during the "Copy XPC Service" build step of my main app bundle (new Xcode 6 option).

How can I prevent a provisioning profile from being included in my XPC?


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