Unable to load font: Roboto-Regular after updating to new Google+ SDK

After updating to new Google+ sdk get error NSBundle (GPP3PAdditions) gpp_registerFonts] _block_invoke () Unable to load font: Roboto-Regular

If someone else got the same thing? thank


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Add GooglePlus.bundle file to your project from Google iOS Sdk.



Yes thanks a lot! Also if anyone using CocoaPods take a look here it will also help GooglePlus with CocoaPods linking error

add $ {inherited} to other linker flags



Here is the solution.

Get the fonts from a search engine and copy the files into your project. Then in your Info.plist file make changes like

see this image

After that click on build phases, make sure you include font files (Roboto ..) there.

for more clarity

Check this out for clarity. How to enable and use new fonts in the iPhone SDK?

I hope this helps someone.



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