Invalid SSL certificate for Phabricator

I have a problem with the arc install-certificate instruction

Configuration: Linux Mint 16 (Petra)

What I have done now:

  • I have put my public key in the phabricator website (I can now follow all git instructions without any problem)

  • I have uploaded my custom.pem certificate and placed it in libphutil / resources / ssl directory.

  • I followed the instructions in the README file (it's in the same directory) and changed this line in the php.ini file :

    curl.cainfo = / home / ilongin / job / tools / arcanist / libphutil / resources / ssl / custom.pem

But still, when I run arc install-certificate inside my project, I get:

Attempting to connect to server ... Usage Exception: Failed to connect to server: [cURL / 60] (URL OUR-PHAB-SERVER) SSL certificate authority validation failed while validating SSL connection. This usually means that you are using a self-signed certificate, but have not added your CA to the CA package. See instructions under libphutil / resources / ssl / README.

Does anyone know what is wrong?


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