Why does Mail App for Office appear in Outlook online but not in my installed Outlook Client?

I have developed an office mail application.

It shows up in my Office 365 Outlook in my browser, but not in my installed client.

On the web

But in my installed client it looks like this. Those. the application is not displayed:

In the client

I have looked at app management etc but can't find any options to get it to show my installed client.

Any ideas?

Here is my manifest:


Note that this is not a real application, but rather a "try things out" application.

OK, so here's my version of Office: enter image description here

And here is my updated manifest file as requested by @andrews I am removing regex rules to make troubleshooting easier:

enter image description here

I haven't installed the app, restarted everything and I still can't see it in my desktop for Outlook.

thanks Russ


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your manifest is version 1.1, but your Outlook build is not 2013 SP1. Outlook Express SP1 is 15.0.4569 and later. Update your Outlook client and then the app appears!



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