Create an index on a column in a one-to-many relationship

I have a one-to-many relationship between two classes:

class Parent {
    List<Child> children;

class Child {
    String name;


I am using a file .hbm.xml

to define my mapping from Java classes to tables. Something like that:

<class name="Parent" table="parent">
    <list name="children">
        <key column="parent_id" />
        <list-index column="idx" />
        <one-to-many class="Child" />

<class name="Child" table="child">
    <property name="name" type="string" />


This works great.

Now I want to create a column index (not a list index) on the column Child.parent_id

. It looks like the tag <one-to-many>

doesn't allow nested tags <column>

, so I tried adding a bi-directional association to the mapping Child

like this:

<many-to-one name="parent" insert="false" update="false">
    <column name="parent_id" index="true">


But I am getting an exception:

 org.hibernate.PropertyNotFoundException: Could not find a getter for parent in class Child


So how can I create an index on a column Child.parent_id

without adding a field parent

to the class Child

? I am using Hibernate 3.5.6 and PostgreSQL 9.3.


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At first I didn't understand what you are looking for, but I think I do.

You have defined list-index

which is used to store the java.util.List index, not the Child's parent_id. So you are looking at how to create a real database index. This can be easily done with an annotation like this:

@OneToMany(cascade = { CascadeType.ALL })
@Index(name = "idx_parent_id", columnNames = "parent_id")
private List<Child> images = new ArrayList<Child>(); 


And in xml config it will look like,

  <list name="children">
    <column index="parent_id_idx" name="parent_id"/>
   <list-index column="idx"/>
   <one-to-many class="hr.winkme.server.model.entities.Child"/>


Hope this helps.



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