How can I prevent piracy of my Windows Phone 8.1 app?

I will be releasing paid Windows Phone 8.1 soon, and I want to prevent users from simply sharing this app with other phones.

I recently learned that it is easy to share my app on Android and iPhone, so now I have to implement copy protection in the app for each platform.

Is there anything in Windows Phone 8.1 to prevent this? Do I need to create my own copy protection mechanism?


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Windows Phone 8.1 is currently 100% secure from this point of view, app builds are all encrypted and cannot be redesigned. You can in wp7.x and in 8.0 before gdr3 update (but only with Samsung Ativ S due to a bug in Samsung diagnostic utility)



Have incentives not to copy it.

Your best bet is to do it better for the guy who buys your software than for the people copying it.

Having said that, this option may not be possible or easy to do, in which case you should avoid delaying your paying customers for too long. For example, if you add serial numbers with online activation and limited activations before they have to call you or sit around waiting for an email response, I can guarantee that this method will hurt more than just ignoring people who copy your software. provision in the first place.

The worst option you can go for is one that will make some of your payment customers wish they didn't.



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