Gradle, JavaEE and Netbeans Integration

I want to switch build systems from ANT to Gradle, mainly to use the dependency management features.

I can properly package the ear file and auto-deploy in Glassfish using Gradle, but at the moment I'm not very happy with the deployment and debugging capabilities. With ANT design, I have an in-place deployment that takes about 4 seconds, whereas a full deployment takes 12 to 30 seconds. In terms of debugging, I can run Glassfish in debug mode and manually plug in the debugger, but this is also far from the convenience I had before, just hit the debug button.

Is the javaEE Gradle integration generally missing in the IDE or Netbeans just beyond the curve on this, or am I missing something? Changing the IDE is not really an option, as this is what my team is using.


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In general, your project should be IDE agnostic and gradle supports this, so you should be able to switch IDEs without problems with mouch. But let me tell you that gradle support in other IDEs is not great either.
The slowness issue comes from gradle itself.
The part I don't understand is why you can change your build system but not your IDE. Normalize it the other way around.
Finally, I suggest you use maven as your build tool because the support in netbeans is excellent and the speed, not even comparable to ant, is pretty decent.



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