Kivy runtime error

I am trying to run a simple Hello World example code that looks like this:

import kivy
kivy.require('1.8.0') # replace with your current kivy version !

from import App
from kivy.uix.button import Button

class MyApp(App):
    def build(self):
        return Button(text='Hello World')

if __name__ == '__main__':


and I saved this as which I then run with kivy-1.8.0, which in turn gives me a Kivy Fatal Error and the rest of the description is in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

Is there a problem with the graphics card? or is there any other way to use Kivy

Please, help.


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Please post the complete terminal output after running the application.

I don't remember what the funny symbolic message means (this is nonsense, not real text), but I think it indicates a too low version of opengl. The appearance of the garbled message is itself a bug, which I think has been fixed in kivy-master.



Possible problems with kivy (and python):

  • Indentation problems: make sure your indentation is consistent: they should all be the same. If you're using a tab, make sure it's tab all over the place. If you are using multiple spaces, make sure they are the same for everyone.
  • Another kiwi problem: try commenting out line 2 ( kivy.require('1.8.0')

    ). You may not have the correct version of kivy installed. Alternatively, decrease this number (1.0.6 should be more than enough for what you are doing in this simple application).

I don't know what the problem is with the language you are receiving the message in. Perhaps you have installed some strange distribution or have chosen some language pack for which it is by default.



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