Laravel eloquent on how to order a collection using accessor on appends array

I have an Eloquent model:

class Song extends Eloquent {

protected $table = 'mg_songs';
protected $hidden = array('events');
protected $appends = array('lastDate');

public function events()
    return $this->belongsToMany('Event', 'song_event');

public function getLastDateAttribute()
    if (!$this->events) return null;

    return $this->events[0]->date->formatLocalized('%d.%m.%Y (%a, %H)');


Is it possible to sort the "lastdate" field the same way as the db field:

$songs->orderBy('title', 'asc'); - works
$songs->orderBy('lastDate', 'desc'); - doesn't works


Could there be a simple answer?

Editorial staff:

My db structure (only required fields), with many-to-many:

event table

song table

a table with a summary song_event

SQL query:

SELECT s.title, (SELECT MAX( FROM events e JOIN song_event se ON ( = se.event_id) WHERE se.song_id = AS s_date FROM mg_songs s ORDER BY s_date desc



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You can sort the resulting set using accessories, obviously the request cannot be ordered as it is not in the db.

$songs = Song::all(); // get the result
$songs->sortByDesc('lastDate'); // sort using collection method

// or ascending:


You can achieve the same by using joins

if you prefer to do it in the db call (this is better from a performance standpoint).

Another thing: you are using if( ! $this->events)

which will soon cause problems.

Check it:

// hasOne / belongsTo / morphTo etc - single relations
$model->relation; // returns related model OR null -> evaluates to false

// BUT for hasMany / belongsToMany etc - multiple results
$model->relation; // always returns a collection, even if empty, evaluates to true


So, change this if


public function getLastDateAttribute()
    if ( ! count($this->events)) return null;

    return $this->events[0]->date->formatLocalized('%d.%m.%Y (%a, %H)');




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