Voice calls in Django / Python

There is a server for an application written in Django. The application needs to add the function of voice calls. Calls will only be made between application users natively and over the Internet, so I assume there is no need for a service like Twillio.

How to do it? Is there an example of such a Django application? Should I bundle Django server with twisted server?


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I haven't tested it myself, but here is a simple example of voice chat implemented in python using the pyaudio module.

Regarding your comment on Twisted, I believe you will need to combine Django with an asynchronous webmap (Twisted, Tornado, etc.) to make the voice chat part of your solution work as expected.

Good luck!



Could you use a socket service like pubnub and create a front-end chat app? This might be useful to you. http://webrtc.co/



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