Regular expression with conditional repetition

I have the following regex:



I want this to repeat if there is a dot ( .


I know I can repeat an expression like this by adding a dot ( .




But I want to know if there is a better way without copying the original part.


I need to access a Micrologix 5000 machine that uses addressing. In a C # application, I want to validate that the user is entering a good address.


  • Dog.Tail

  • Dogs[0].Tail.IsMoving

Is not allowed:

  • Dog.

  • Dogs[0].


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You can use recursion. See this:



  • \1

    recurses the first submatrix in the first capture group ( )


However, this is two steps less efficient than your programmed regex, which is optimal for this case. Recursion can be used here to improve readability, but is not recommended.



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