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I bought this Key Quick Button Pressy Dustproof Plug Jack Jack Jack Plug and I would like to develop applications for this.

How can I handle a click as a service or broadcast in Android in order to trigger some logic on click?

This android official blog doesn't work. I am using 4.0+

This is my code



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This will be what is called the Media Button, and it calls the system broadcast, which the BroadcastReceiver can handle, but needs to be implemented a little differently than normal receivers. Only one application at a time can receive a broadcast and the receiver must be registered with AudioManager

to activate. This developer page demonstrates how to implement and register a receiver. However, there are a few typos in this section. System service should be represented as AudioManager

, methods and calls registerMediaButtonEventReceiver()

, and unregisterMediaButtonEventReceiver()

must have an object ComponentName

as a parameter. For example:

AudioManager am = (AudioManager) mContext.getSystemService(Context.AUDIO_SERVICE);  
ComponentName receiverName = new ComponentName(mContext, RemoteControlReceiver.class);
// Start listening for button presses

// Stop listening for button presses




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