How do I know if email addresses exist?

I have a list of emails that have been damaged by some robots. On my web page, I have a "Subscribe to our mailing list" box that has been abused by fake addresses and now I cannot compose good addresses from fake addresses.

I would like to write a small script that checks for all addresses one by one, preferably without sending an email. The list is not that long (about 300 email addresses).

Can I do this without violating the anti-spam rules? I know I have to send an email with a link for people to check their email, but I really don't want to do that as people with real addresses have already selected my newsletter and they will wonder why I am asking them to do it again.

I would ideally do this with python, since this is my scripting language of choice.

Any solution for this?


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I'm not sure how to do this myself, however there are services for that. I am using Kickbox . I usually use nodejs for the server, but they have the python Kickbox-python library . You can do 100 checks per day for free or pay more. I use it to check emails when users initially sign up.

EDIT: The Kickbox pricing model has changed . You now get 100 initial checks for free and pay for any additional checks beyond that threshold. See Site for current pricing plans.



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