How do I set and get cookies in Grails?

I am trying to use cookies in a Grails application with no success. Specifically, in the show () method of the test case controller, I want to set a cookie as the last test suite shown; that is, the value available to the show () method. Then, in the list () method, I want to provide a shortcut to show the most recent test suite (the value I'm trying to set using a cookie).

However, the cookie I have set (named "tcCookie") only shows up in the show () method, not the list () method. Here's the code:

in show ():

request.cookies.each { println "show: cookie ${} <${it.value}>" }


in list ():

request.cookies.each { println "list: cookie ${} <${it.value}>" }


I set a cookie in the show () method:

Cookie cookie = new Cookie( "tcCookie", )
cookie.maxAge = 315360000000L
response.addCookie( cookie )


When I step back and forth between the list and display the views (after show () with = 277), I get:

show: cookie tcCookie <277>
show: cookie JSESSIONID <9DEBFB40F78B5E24A92C750157342069>
list: cookie JSESSIONID <9DEBFB40F78B5E24A92C750157342069>
show: cookie tcCookie <277>
show: cookie JSESSIONID <9DEBFB40F78B5E24A92C750157342069>
list: cookie JSESSIONID <9DEBFB40F78B5E24A92C750157342069>


which I think indicates that the "tcCookie" cookie is only displayed in the show () method, which is useless to me. I need to set it up so that it displays in other ways.

In addition, the tcCookie cookie survives multiple sessions - as you would expect, but still only visible in the show () method.

Perhaps my understanding of cookies is wrong, but I'm still stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, there must be hundreds of other cookies in the browser, none of which are displayed using the code I used, so is there a way to get to the other cookies?


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The problem is a side effect of setting a cookie without setting the path explicitly. Assuming the name of the Grails application is "application", it will be referenced by


This will cause the JSESSIONID cookie to be set /app/JSESSIONID

to appear anywhere in the application. Since the application name is available in the application as grailsApplication.metadata['']

, the actual value determination app

can be done automatically.

However, in a separate view, such as a view list

in an object xxx_domain

, which is accessed as


setting cookie with code

def newCookie = new Cookie( "myCookie", "cookieValue" )
response.addCookie newCookie


will set the path from newCookie

to /app/xxx_domain/list/

where it will only be visible in the method list()

and in the view. For the cookie to be visible anywhere in the application, the path must be set as shown in the above answer, but not in /

, not in /app

, as in

def newCookie = new Cookie( "myCookie", "cookieValue" )
newCookie.path = "/${grailsApplication.metadata['']}/"
response.addCookie newCookie




or you can read the basic Java doc and use simple objects for that response

and request


Cookie homeCookie = new Cookie( 'home', 'name' )
homeCookie.path = '/'
homeCookie.maxAge = 0
response.addCookie homeCookie



String home = request.cookies.find{ 'home' == }?.value




You should try using this plugin: Cookies plugin

Documentation can be found here

The following code shows how to set a cookie:

cookieService.setCookie('username', 'cookieUser123')


And here's how to get the value inside your cookie:



Hope it helps


For your last question, I think you can only access cookies from your domain.



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