Google Play services are not compatible for Android 4.0.4

I am building an app using google map v2, it requires google play services, so I added this check to check:

        int checkGooglePlayServices = GooglePlayServicesUtil
        if (checkGooglePlayServices != ConnectionResult.SUCCESS) {
            // google play services is missing!!!!
           * Returns status code indicating whether there was an error.
           * Can be one of following in ConnectionResult: SUCCESS,
                    myContext, REQUEST_CODE_RECOVER_PLAY_SERVICES).show();


So it turns out that I have a 4.0.4 device that doesn't come with google play services (why? I don't know, but it has gmail and the maps are working fine), when I run the app, the validation works and forces me to play store to install / update Google Play services, however the page says: your device is not compatible with this version.

So how do I install google play service if it is not available in play store? Is it common to have Android devices without this app?


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  • The error seems to indicate that the version of game services on your device is incompatible with the playback services library used by your app. Where he says that game services are not available on your device.

    To make sure that the playback services are on your device and find out its version, review Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded -> Google Play Services

Finding Google Play Services version

  • Since it doesn't give you the ability to update game services on the device, I would consider using an appropriate game services client library in your application. You can easily do this on Android studio build.gradle in your app module by adding the exact version in your dependencies, e.g .:

    dependencies { compile '' }

    replace 5.0.89

    with the version you find on your device.



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