After compiling a python program, how to enter arguments

After import sys

I use sys.argv

to enter input arguments.

But after compiling my program with pyinstaller, the exe program won't accept my data.

It will use the default I set for the program. How can I compile it and let the exe take my input?

I hope I don't need to write a gui for this. Sorry for the late reply. Here is the code:

import sched, time

import sys

s = sched.scheduler(time.time, time.sleep)

def do_something(sc,wait_time): //wait_time is an integer representing how many seconds to wait.

    //  Here will be the code for doing something every after "wait_time " seconds


    wait_time = int(sys.argv[1])
except IndexError:
    wait_time = 5    

# s.enter(wait_time, 1, do_something, (s,))



If I run it with "python" it will wait a few seconds for input to wait. But after I compiled it with pyinstaller, I double clicked the exe file. I have no place to enter a number that is wait_time.


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If you click on the exe to open it:

Usually, when you double click the exe, there is only one argument <EXEfilename>

. Create a shortcut for this EXE. In the properties for this shortcut, you will see a property named Target

which will contain <EXEfilename>

change to <EXEfilename> <arg1> <arg2>

. When you use this shortcut to open the exe, it calls the target, which is that call <EXEfilename> <arg1> <arg2>

. Then you can access arg1

and arg2


If you are using the command line:

Just call it C:\> <EXEfilename> <arg1> <arg2>



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