Stata tabstat will change order / sort?

I am using tabstat

in Stata and using estpost

and esttab

to get its output in LaTeX. I have



to display statistics for groups. For example,

tabstat assets, by(industry) missing statistics(count mean sd p25 p50 p75) 


I have a question: is there a way for tabstat

(or other Stata commands) to display the output ordered by mean value, so that those categories that have higher means will be on top. By default, Stata is displayed in alphabetical order industry

when I use tabstat



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does not offer such a hook, but there is an approach to such problems that is general and simple enough to understand.

You are not giving a reproducible example, so we need one:

. sysuse auto, clear
(1978 Automobile Data)

. gen Make = word(make, 1)

. tab Make if foreign

       Make |      Freq.     Percent        Cum.
       Audi |          2        9.09        9.09
        BMW |          1        4.55       13.64
     Datsun |          4       18.18       31.82
       Fiat |          1        4.55       36.36
      Honda |          2        9.09       45.45
      Mazda |          1        4.55       50.00
    Peugeot |          1        4.55       54.55
    Renault |          1        4.55       59.09
     Subaru |          1        4.55       63.64
     Toyota |          3       13.64       77.27
         VW |          4       18.18       95.45
      Volvo |          1        4.55      100.00
      Total |         22      100.00



here is like your variable industry

: it is a string variable, so in tables Stata will show it in alphabetical (alphanumeric) order.

In the process of work, there are several simple steps, some are optional.

Calculate the variable you want to sort by. egen

often useful.

 . egen mean_mpg = mean(mpg), by(Make)


Map these values ​​to a variable with different integer values. ... Since the two groups may have the same average (or different summary statistics), make sure you break the bindings on the original string variable.

 . egen group = group(mean_mpg Make)


This variable is created to be 1 for the group with the lowest average (or other summary statistic), 2 for the next lowest, and so on. If the opposite order is required, as in this question, flip the grouping variable.

 . replace group = -group
 (74 real changes made)


There is a problem with this new variable: the values ​​of the original string variable are Make

nowhere visible here. labmask

(which will be installed on the Stata Journal website after search labmask

) here. We use the values ​​of the original string variable as value labels for the new variable. (The idea is that the value labels become the "mask" that the whole variable carries.)

 . labmask group, values(Make)


Additionally, work with the variable label of the new integer variable.

 . label var group "Make"


We can now use tables using the categories of the new variable.

 . tabstat mpg if foreign, s(mean) by(group) format(%2.1f)

 Summary for variables: mpg
 by categories of: group (Make)

   group |      mean
  Subaru |      35.0
   Mazda |      30.0
      VW |      28.5
   Honda |      26.5
 Renault |      26.0
  Datsun |      25.8
     BMW |      25.0
  Toyota |      22.3
    Fiat |      21.0
    Audi |      20.0
   Volvo |      17.0
 Peugeot |      14.0
   Total |      24.8


Note: other strategies are sometimes better or better here.

  • If you collapse

    put your data into a new dataset, you can do sort

    it as you please.

  • graph bar

    and graph dot

    are good at displaying summary statistics by group, and the sort order can be configured directly.



I would look at the package egenmore

on the SSC. You can get this package by typing Stata ssc install egenmore

. In particular, I would look at the entry for axis()

in the help file egenmore

. This is an example that does exactly what you want.



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