Change photo editing extension name

Can I change the name of my photo editing extension?

It currently accepts the name of the main application, but we want to customize it a bit.

Is it possible?


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Not possible, although not explicitly stated in the documentation . The two points are in conflict with each other, which may provide some insight.

The display name of your application extension is provided by the extension target value CFBundleDisplayName

, which you can edit in the extension's Info.plist file. If you do not provide a value for the key CFBundleDisplayName

, your extension uses the name of its containing application as shown in the value CFBundleName


This does not apply to photo extensions - try it yourself. Changing either (or both) of these values ​​in an extension Info.plist

does not change the name of the extension. The extension stores the name of the containing application. Then this is:

Insert no more than one photo editing extension for each media type (photo, video) in the containing application. The Photos application displays to the user at most one extension of each type from a given containing application.

While not explicit, it may indicate why you cannot currently change the name of the photo extension. Since the containing app only represents one photo extension, this is probably why the name cannot be changed. Compare this to a Today extension application, where the containing application can represent multiple extensions and then requires different names per extension.

Not a big reason, but it can provide insight.



Double click Project, select Target "extension"> Click Info

By setting a name for " Bundle display name (CFBundleDisplayName)

", the name of the iOS sharing extension can be changed to suit your needs.

Using Xcode 7.2.1
Deployment Target 9.2



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