Accessing commit history from github via terminal?

Need quick help. Novice terminal user here. Trying these instructions: to get the commit history for a specific user.

However, I don't know what to do about it:

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/stats/contributors


When I replace the owner and repo with the specific names I am using, nothing happens because I get this error in my terminal:

-bash: GET: command not found


This is a very sensitive issue, please help! Thank!


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You can follow this tutorial twisting using the GitHub API to see how you will translate

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/stats/contributors


As you notice in the comments , don't include the ":".

curl --include


Pass user credentials for basic auth to access protected resources, such as select gists users, or personal information associated with their profile

curl --user "caspyin:PASSWD"
curl --user "caspyin:PASSWD"


Passing only the username without the colon ( :

) will result in you being prompted for the account password.
This avoids entering your password in the command line history

curl --user "caspyin"


In your case, replacing <owner>

both <reponame>

with the correct owner and repo names:





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