Perl regex to capture a repeating group

I want a regex that matches something at the beginning of a line and then matches (and returns) all the other words. For example, given this line:

$line = "one two three etc";


I need something like this (it doesn't work):

@matches= $line=~ /^one(?:\s+(\S+))$/;


to go back to @matches, the words "two", "three", "etc.".

I don't want to know how to get words. I want to do this with regex. It seems so simple, but I couldn't find a solution.


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You cannot have an unknown number of capture groups. If you try to repeat the capture group, the last instance will override the contents of the capture group:


I suggest either grabbing the whole group and then splitting the spaces:

Or you can do a global match and use \G

and \K






Try it. Check out the demo.



To do this, you need to use an anchor \G

that matches the position at the end of the last match. When you create a template with this anchor, you can get continuous results:

@matches = $line =~ /(?:\G(?!\A)|^one) (\S+)/g; 




The simplest solution is probably split

after the fact:

use strict;
use warnings;

my $line = "one two three etc";

my @matches = $line =~ /^one\s+(.*)/ ? split(' ', $1) : ();

use Data::Dump;
dd @matches;



("two", "three", "etc")


However, it can also be used \G

to continue from where the previous match was left, and therefore find all non-null spaces using the modifier /g


The only trick is to not match \G

at the beginning of the line, so the word one

must match:

my @matches = $line =~ /(?:^one|(?<!\A)\G)\s+(\S+)/g;




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