Does the CQ5 revision list (history) keep crx?

Someday someone wants to change something crx directly to the environment.

This is often the cause of a non-working environment. And quite often it is difficult to find the cause of the problem. And I think it would be helpful if the cq5 crx has an audit log. something like that.

12.12.12 21:03 /etc/blueprints/geometrixx was removed  [rollout]


perhaps CQ5 already has something similar?


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Assuming these repository changes were made using crxde lite [/crx/de/index.jsp] or content explorer [/crx/explorer/browser/index.jsp] , there is an indirect way to find out who did it.

The data can be retrieved by looking at two different logs, request.log and audit.log . These files can be found in \ crx-quickstart \ logs ]

Node modifications are POST requests . They are logged in request.log , the path to the request will only show the frontend or root node. If you look for the POST timestamp in audit.log you can find which user made the GET request .

This is not a straight forward way, and it won't tell you more about the changes other than which user is reading the node during POST .



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