Library import problem in Intelij Idea and Play Framework

I have a project that was using Play Framework 2.3.4 and Slick 2.1.0. Intelij Idea version is 13.1.4, with Scala and Play 2.0 plugins installed.

When I try to import the database driver

import play.api.db.slick.Config.driver.simple._


Idea writes to me that this import is wrong and they cannot solve it. But if I run the application, they compile and execute correctly.

Does anyone know how to fix the import of Idea? Because without it, features like AutoCorrect won't work.


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I found a solution to this problem:

  • Compile playback project via terminal
  • In Intelij Idea use "Cache Invalidating" (File-> Invalidate cache / Restart-> Invalidate and restart)
  • Wait for Idea to restart and index the project.
  • Profit


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