Javascript execution on IIS server (server side)

I have developed an application in C #. It runs on an IIS server. Users can create reports with widgets (text, values, charts, etc.). The report has a date widget. If users change the date, all widgets are updated using javascript in the date function (I am using AJAX to get the new values). When they are done, they can save the report to see it later, and they can export it to PDF using wkhtmltopdf. The problem is that I would like to develop a function that allows users to request this report automatically every day, every week, etc ... So, I would like to do a cron that updates the date widget in each report and then updates widgets for creating the report of the day? Is it possible?


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You need to use a mute browser like PhantomJS that can call the page and interact with the widgets like the user would. More information on how to start PhantomJS from C # can be found here .



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