Which is easier to understand Laravel or Yii for beginners?

I just want to ask your opinion on this. I am planning to switch my CodeIgniter schema to Laravel or Yii. I tried installing them and learning a bit and there are all great frameworks. I have a 1 month project and I want to use the new frameworK for this project. This project is just a simple blog site. I also have knowledge in Opencart for e-commerce. And iT is the same as CodeIgniter. That's why I learned it so quickly. Now my problem is that I was using this framework which is Laravel or Yii, can I easily master it? Or should I spend a month on this? What I want to do is examine this framework at runtime. But I'm afraid I can reach the deadline.

Can you help me what infrastructure should I use?

I have knowledge in HMVC-L, but not so professional and simple Ajax process.


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This seems to be a very broad question.

If you are using CodeIgniter, what are the problems you are having, do you need to move to a different framework? In my opinion stick with CodeIgniter and try to create an app for your blog with Code Igniter, you don't need to change the framework. Also good documentation.

Even if you want to switch, make sure you check the following:

  • How often do they release their updates? The higher the frequency, the better.
  • How active is their community?
  • How is their documentation?

For Code Igniter, all of the above 3 are GREAT for beginners!

Update [06/22/2015]: Codeigniter 3 is now under active development, has a new home and even has a dedicated website: codeigniter.com - dotslash



Most modern PHP developers use Laravel. And you should be using Laravel as well.

Laravel provides best practices, has great wrappers, and has a lot to say about PHP. It's well documented and insanely well written to make it easy to adapt.

You should definitely NOT USE CODEIGNITER - this is a very widespread view that CodeIgniter no longer fits modern frameworks like Laravel or CakePHP.

Laravel dictates all sorts of best practices, standards, and procedures that you need to be a good effective developer and have a massive array of packages to deploy.



I think the structure is more or less the same (MVC) which is similar to Codeigniter. So, if you know how MVC works, then these two structures won't be that hard to learn. And about the time to study, well it depends on the ability of the person. But if you want to switch something to stable, then I suggest you test the run with Zend Framework (not suggesting to build your current work with that) whenever you please. Coz its more stable and reliable. :)



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