How do I determine when an image is fully loaded?

I have one VerticalLayout and I added one image component to it. Sometimes when we got a bad connection, I noticed that this image was loading slowly. So, I have an idea to show this image after it is fully loaded, and I would like to show the gif loading at the time of loading.

Since I am using GWT I am using LoadHandler for this situation as below

fullSizeImage.addLoadHandler(new LoadHandler() {
        public void onLoad(final LoadEvent event) {


Above the snippet, my loading gif image will be shown while my actual image is loading, and it will hide when my acutal image is fully loaded. How can I figure this out in Vaadin ?


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Vaadin is server side and its components don't actually have all the possible GWT methods. Therefore, when you create an image component, it binds to the parent VerticalLayout. The image is then loaded with a server request from the client.

I think there is no way to create a custom Vaadin widget - or extend existing functionality - that implements your GWT code above. Please note that gif loading must be preprogrammed and cached by the client to be displayed immediately after the component is attached.



You can try with Upload . It offers several features to help control the boot process (start / progress / shutdown).

Here is an official example of using interfaces Upload.Receiver

, Upload.StartedListener

and Upload.SucceededListener

(take a closer look ImageReceiver


Hope this helps.



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