How do I run ember-cli with Symfony?

Has anyone tried to run ember, especially with ember-cli inside a Symfony application? I am really trying to use to achieve this. It's easy to do this without ember-cli working, but it gets more complicated. The main problem is

ember server


how to overcome this, so assets are built (or just viewed).

ember build --watch


actually very slow, about 4 seconds for each change is a lot.



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Have you succeeded? I am on the same line here. But I used a different approach, instead I start the server in a bash file like:

ember s --output-path=$SF_DIR/web/app


Then the index.html is included in the twig sf view. It works quickly, but it loses the function of the hepatic load, since it does not work outside the root. Can you tell me how you resolved your sf2 + ember-cli architecture?

Hope this helps, thanks!



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