Fatal python error (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault when using Tkinter

I made a little game in pygame

and python 2.7

and added a dispatch box with . Tkinter

It worked fine until I compiled it with py2exe

/ pygame2exe


The compilation was error-free.

But , when I clicked on the exe file to run the application, the compiled code picked up this error:

    fatal python error (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault
    This application has terminated in unusal way for more 
    information contact application support team.


When I remove the Tkinter code and compile it, it works fine.

This is part of the code Tkinter


    #i tried importing both with import Tkinter and from Tkinter import*

    if event.key==pygame.K_s:
        subbox_label=Tkinter.Label(subbox,text="Type your name:")
        def savescore(a):
            print a
            print subbox_entry.get()



I ditched the Tkinter code line by line and it turned out that the Tkinter import throws an error!

This means that if I only have:

import Tkinter


my game won't work !!! What should I do?

setup file (pygame2exe, but I may accidentally delete something inside):

    from distutils.core import setup
    import py2exe, pygame
    from modulefinder import Module
    import glob, fnmatch
    import sys, os, shutil
    import operator

except ImportError, message:
    raise SystemExit,  "Unable to load module. %s" % message

#hack which fixes the pygame mixer and pygame font
origIsSystemDLL = py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL # save the orginal before we edit it
def isSystemDLL(pathname):
    # checks if the freetype and ogg dll files are being included
    if os.path.basename(pathname).lower() in ("libfreetype-6.dll", "libogg-0.dll","sdl_ttf.dll"): # "sdl_ttf.dll" added by arit.
            return 0
    return origIsSystemDLL(pathname) # return the orginal function
py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL = isSystemDLL # override the default function with this one

class pygame2exe(py2exe.build_exe.py2exe): #This hack make sure that pygame default font is copied: no need to modify code for specifying default font
    def copy_extensions(self, extensions):
        #Get pygame default font
        pygamedir = os.path.split(pygame.base.__file__)[0]
        pygame_default_font = os.path.join(pygamedir, pygame.font.get_default_font())

        #Add font to list of extension to be copied
        extensions.append(Module("pygame.font", pygame_default_font))
        py2exe.build_exe.py2exe.copy_extensions(self, extensions)

class BuildExe:
    def __init__(self):
        #Name of starting .py
        self.script = "game_0.3.py"

        #Name of program
        self.project_name = "game"

        #Project url
        self.project_url = "it will be  on sourceforge and indieDB"

        #Version of program
        self.project_version = "0.3"

        #License of the program
        self.license = "gnu gpl 2.0"

        #Auhor of program
        self.author_name = "John Doe "
        self.author_email = "i dont want spam"
        self.copyright = "John Doe 2014"

        self.project_description = None

        #Icon file (None will use pygame default icon)
        self.icon_file = "icon.ico"

        #Extra files/dirs copied to game
        self.extra_datas = ["block.png","CHARACTER.png","icon.ico","COPYING.txt","README1.txt","name.txt","score.txt"]

        #Extra/excludes python modules
        self.extra_modules = []
        self.exclude_modules =['AppKit', 'Foundation', 'Numeric', 'OpenGL.GL', '_scproxy', '_sysconfigdata', 'copyreg', 'dummy.Process', 'numpy', 'pkg_resources', 'queue', 'winreg', 'pygame.sdlmain_osx']

        #DLL Excludes
        self.exclude_dll = ['']
        #python scripts (strings) to be included, seperated by a comma
        self.extra_scripts = []

        #Zip file name (None will bundle files in exe instead of zip file)
        self.zipfile_name =None

        #Dist directory
        self.dist_dir ='dist'

    ## Code from DistUtils tutorial at http://wiki.python.org/moin/Distutils/Tutorial
    ## Originally borrowed from wxPython setup and config files
    def opj(self, *args):
        path = os.path.join(*args)
        return os.path.normpath(path)

    def find_data_files(self, srcdir, *wildcards, **kw):
        # get a list of all files under the srcdir matching wildcards,
        # returned in a format to be used for install_data
        def walk_helper(arg, dirname, files):
            if '.svn' in dirname:
            names = []
            lst, wildcards = arg
            for wc in wildcards:
                wc_name = self.opj(dirname, wc)
                for f in files:
                    filename = self.opj(dirname, f)

                    if fnmatch.fnmatch(filename, wc_name) and not os.path.isdir(filename):
            if names:
                lst.append( (dirname, names ) )

        file_list = []
        recursive = kw.get('recursive', True)
        if recursive:
            os.path.walk(srcdir, walk_helper, (file_list, wildcards))
            walk_helper((file_list, wildcards),
                        [os.path.basename(f) for f in glob.glob(self.opj(srcdir, '*'))])
        return file_list

    def run(self):
        if os.path.isdir(self.dist_dir): #Erase previous destination dir

        #Use the default pygame icon, if none given
        if self.icon_file == None:
            path = os.path.split(pygame.__file__)[0]
            self.icon_file = os.path.join(path, 'pygame.ico')

        #List all data files to add
        extra_datas = []
        for data in self.extra_datas:
            if os.path.isdir(data):
                extra_datas.extend(self.find_data_files(data, '*'))
                extra_datas.append(('.', [data]))

            cmdclass = {'py2exe': pygame2exe},
            version = self.project_version,
            description = self.project_description,
            name = self.project_name,
            url = self.project_url,
            author = self.author_name,
            author_email = self.author_email,
            license = self.license,

            # targets to build
            console = [{
                'script': self.script,
                'icon_resources': [(0, self.icon_file)],
                'copyright': self.copyright
            options = {'py2exe': {'optimize': 2, 'bundle_files': 1, 'compressed': True, \
                                  'excludes': self.exclude_modules, 'packages': self.extra_modules, \
                                  'dll_excludes': self.exclude_dll,
                                  'includes': self.extra_scripts} },
            zipfile = self.zipfile_name,
            data_files = extra_datas,
            dist_dir = self.dist_dir

        if os.path.isdir('build'): #Clean up build dir

if __name__ == '__main__':
    if operator.lt(len(sys.argv), 2):
    BuildExe().run() #Run generation
    raw_input("Press any key to continue") #Pause to let user see that things ends 


one more important thing : if I import Tkinter before pygame, there is no segmentation fault, but the game does not start and an error window appears and says that this application is asking for a runtime to shutdown in an extraordinary way for more information contact applications support


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Have you checked py2exe / Bugs?

While this is not exactly the same crash, the root cause of Tkinter's internal dependency on the Tcl sublayer and Tk DLL services seems to be similar:

CIT :.


Using Tkinter

and bundle_files = 1

, I get an immediate crash.

Here's my setup:

    winxp sp2
    py2exe 0.6.8
    python 2.5.1


My test file is " example.py

" like below:

#### start
from Tkinter import *
if __name__ == '__main__':
print "hello"
#### end
my setup.py is as follows:
#### start
from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
options = {'py2exe': {'bundle_files': 1}},
zipfile = None,
#### end


it compiles just fine, but when you run " example.exe

" which is created in the " dist

" directory , it immediately gets the error "example.exe has encountered a problem and should close. sorry for the inconvenience"

Using the same setup.py

but with bundle_files = 3

works fine; using bundle_files = 2 produces the same error.

Hopefully this is enough information to reproduce this bug. I will be happy to provide any other information, if you need it - just send it here.


+ a suggested workaround:

CIT :.


I "fixed" this by editing site-packages/py2exe/build_exe.py


adding " tcl85.dll

" and " tk85.dll

" to the list " dlls_in_exedir


- this means that they are placed next to the .exe, and not linked within it .

A bit messy, but much better than bundled = 3




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