How to display multivalued parameter value in SSRS textbox

I have a multi-valued parameter "client", I have almost 60 values ​​in the client parameter, my requirement displays the selected values ​​of the client in the title text box, but when I select the SELECT ALL option in the parameter I only display "ALL" and not display all 60 values.

I am using the below expression to display the parameter values ​​which are working fine

="For Client -" & Join(Parameters!Client.Value, ",")


now how can I display "ALL" and not display all client values ​​when I select the "Select ALL" option?


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Try the following:

=IIF(Parameters!YourParameter.Count=Count(Fields!DataSetFieldName.Value, "Name OF Your DataSet"),"ALL",Join(Parameters! YourParameter.Value,","))




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