Building a fast cocoa sensory framework with objective-c files

I am trying to build Cocoa Touch Framework in Swift with AFNetworking, integrated among other things ... in xCode 6.0.1 I keep getting "including a non-modular header inside the" MyFrameworkName "frame module when I include the .h file in the MyFrameworkName.h file.

I've already set the "Allow non-modular inclusion in Framwork modules" to YES, although this continues ...

It will go on

I ask for advice ...



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You need to mark each header that your framework will expose as "Public" and not "Private" or "Project"

Click on the .h file and look in the File Inspector to the right of Xcode (you can call the File Inspector from View-> Utilities-> Show File Inspector)

Then change the dropdown menu from "Project" or "Private"

header included in Framework as a Project header

on "Public"

header included in Framework as a Public header



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