How do I know if a page is private or public in a Liferay theme?

As the title says ... How do you know if a page is private or public? I need to implement some logic in the speed file from my custom theme for personal pages only.

I found this page Accessing Objects with Velocity and it seems very useful, but I need help with the API because I don't know which utility class has a method for what I'm looking for.

I thought there was a workaround whereby my condition has a theme property, but I don't want to depend on the admin user



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Artem Khojoyan to answer this question.

But I would like to add more information.

A page in liferay is represented by an object Layout

. The theme template supports Layout

as well as many other objects in the theme template that you can check in class VelocityVariablesImpl

. You can check for type assertions velocityContext.put("key","value");

, where key

is a variable that you can use in a speed pattern like $key


Since it $layout

is nothing but an object Layout

, you can use all methods of an open instance of that Layout

object at speed.

For each request $layout

, the topic displays the current page to be loaded.

So, you can do the following in yours portal_normal.vm

or init_custom.vm

whatever else *.vm

you have in your topic:

  #*.. do something if it is public ...*#
  #*.. do something if it is private ...*#


Hope it helps.







you can also use:

  #*.. This is public ...*#
#elseif ($layoutmodel.isprivatelayout())
  #*.. This is private ...*#


for more details on other methods for Liferay Interface Layout



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