Removing multiple SSRS reports in subfolders using command line?

I am new to SSRS deployment and I have searched for it but cannot find the exact scenario that applies to my situation. I have multiple reports deployed in different subfolders in SSRS 2012. For example:

  • Sale / salesReport 1
  • Sale / salesReport 2
  • Finance / finReport 1
  • Finance / finReport 2
  • Miscellaneous / miscReport 1
  • Miscellaneous / miscReport 2

Due to the fact that sometimes SSRS doesn't like a rewritable report file, I would like to delete all report files in the instance before deploying any new reports. I can successfully delete folders and their contents by calling this script with rs.exe:

Public Sub Main()  

  rs.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials  

  Dim bh As New BatchHeader()  

  bh.BatchID = rs.CreateBatch()  

  rs.BatchHeaderValue = bh 

   'Delete all reports from Main Folder and sub folders.Note:The Folders will be deleted also.  
   'If do not want to delete the folder, we could use rs.CreateFolder("Folder name", "/Main     Folder", "nothing") to create a new one with nothing.  


   'Delete all reports from a sub folder, and delete the sub folder  
   'rs.DeleteItem("/Main Folder/Sub Folder ")  

  rs.BatchHeaderValue = bh       

  ' Delete folders using batch header.  


     Console.WriteLine("Folders deleted successfully.")  

  Catch e As SoapException  

      rs.BatchHeaderValue = Nothing 

  End Try  

End Sub 'Main 


The problem is, if any of those folders don't exist, the script will stop. I am trying to figure out the best way to handle this. Is it best to clear the folders and leave them there, or find a way to ignore the errors and continue?

Depending on the answer, how would I call this in a script?


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You can check if a folder exists by running items in the parent folder and find all child folders with the expected name. Then, only if it exists, try deleting the folder.

This should fix your problem i.e. you only delete when you know it exists.

Your code might look something like this:

Public Sub Main()

    rs.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials


End Sub

Public Sub DeleteFolder(ByVal folderName As String)

    Dim items() as CatalogItem  
    Dim item As CatalogItem
    Dim folderExists As Boolean = False

    items = rs.ListChildren("/", False)

    For Each item In items

        If item.TypeName = "Folder" And item.Name.Equals(folderName)

            folderExists = True

        End If


    If folderExists


            rs.DeleteItem("/" + folderName)
            Console.WriteLine("Deleted folder {0}", folderName)

        Catch e As Exception


        End Try     


        Console.WriteLine("Folder {0} does not exist", folderName)

    End If

End Sub


This only checks the folder /

- you may need to tweak it according to your settings.



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