Counting a binary number in java?

I'm new to java and I'm wondering if there is a way to count the actual number of ones and zeros in a single int binary. For example, would I try to find out the number 1 and zero in a binary 32 bit binary int 6?


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Using Integer.bitcount(int)


int ones = Integer.bitCount(n);
int zeros = Integer.bitCount(~n) - Integer.numberOfLeadingZeros(n);




Luckily java has a built-in method: Integer.toBinaryString () This takes an integer value, converts it to binary and then returns it as a string.

Or you can brush up on your java skills and create your own method for this.



Since you do not provide any code, I will give some guilds on how you can do this.

  • Get the binary representation of yours int

    by calling this methodInteger.toBinaryString(x);

  • The previous method will only return the nessecery bits of the number, for example, in case 6

    it will 110

    . But you need 32-bit representation 6, so you need to add extra zeros before the result returned by this method.
  • create 2 variable counters. One for one and one for zeros.
  • loop through the characters of your String

    and when a char == 0

    will increment the count of zeros. When char == 1

    will the counter increase.

Hope it helps



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