Average in mysql with date

I am working on Averaging multiple series of data, and I debunked my onset by figuring it out, and I "think" "I am up to the last mistake."

ERROR 1584 (42000): Incorrect parameters in the call to stored function 'cast'


I get this when I run this

select avg(volume) from _AAPL WHERE date between cast('2014-02-03' as date) and cast ('2014-05-05'     as DATE); 


_AAPL is my table, date is my column "date", dates are already in the database under "date"

I can't get rid of this error, any ideas?


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You shouldn't have any space after "CAST":

cast ('2014-05-05' as DATE)


cast ('2014-05-05'     as DATE)


By the way, I'm not sure if the mandatory listing of dates when they are already formatted as "yyyy-mm-dd": I'll just write

`column` BETWEEN '2014-02-03' AND '2014-05-05'




IN you can convert string literal to date with function str_to_date


SELECT AVG(volume) 
WHERE  `date` BETWEEN STR_TO_DATE ('2014-02-03', '%Y-%m-%d') AND 
                      STR_TO_DATE ('2014-05-05', '%Y-%m-%d')




What are the throws for? It just works like this:

SELECT AVG(volume) FROM _AAPL WHERE date BETWEEN '2014-02-03' AND '2014-05-05';




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