Custom JavaScript "Trickle-down" events

I am looking at custom events in JavaScript.

According to MDN, using the CustomEvent constructor it is possible to make a "bubble up" event (default false):


// add an appropriate event listener
obj.addEventListener("cat", function(e) { process(e.detail) });

// create and dispatch the event
var event = new CustomEvent("cat", {"detail":{"hazcheeseburger":true}});


I tested it on jsfiddle:

And the bubble functionality seems to work. But I would like my custom event to "leak", that is, even trigger listeners on the child elements; the opposite of bubbles up.

I vaguely remember how some default browser events were "trickled". This is supposedly one of those moments in the early days of the browser.

Anyway, is there a way to get this functionality in my custom events? Of course, any relatively simple and straightforward way. I don't want to write a function to traverse all children and manually trigger any listeners on them. Hopefully there is another way.


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The behavior you are looking for is called event capturing

(opposite event bubbling

). You can include event capturing

by passing true

in as the third argument addEventListener



NOTE. event capturing

not supported in IE 8 or below.

For more information see



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