Contacting the goal to make a logo proposal for the open ui5

Hey I just wanted to contribute to the discovery of ui5 by donating this logo. if you want to use it write me a line.

thanks and sorry for the inconvenience


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Thank you so much for doing this. I like the idea of ​​clearly distinguishing between "open" and "UI5".

I will pass this on to the colleagues responsible for the OpenUI5 part, but I think there are already several projects for the project in the project.

I love that the product I'm working on already has fans in the community. :) Let's hope we can keep it that way.

(Legal Disclaimer: This is my personal account, so everything I write here is not in line with my company's vision.)



to answer your question first: there is now a page describing how to contact the OpenUI5 project for organizational or legal issues: (at the very bottom)

Regarding your logo suggestion: I really like the design and also the way the "UI5" part (product name, 5 is not the version number) is emphasized - this has often been misunderstood in the past). However, there is a current logo that has been submitted and published and also printed on many T-shirts and stickers, so switching the logo around this time would be a little confusing. But thanks a lot for your efforts anyway! When a logo redesign is done, your proposal will certainly be considered.

Thanks and greetings

Andreas (OpenUI5)



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