Usb4java USB error 4: Unable to open USB device:

I am trying to communicate with a PS3 DS3 controller. I was able to do it in C#

using the implementation libusb

, but decided to port my implementation to java

. Unfortunately my transition to java was not that smooth. The device seems to be found in the device list, but when I try to open it, I get the following error "USB error 4: Cannot open USB device: no such device (it may have been disconnected)"

public class Main {
private static final short VID = 0x054c;
private static final short PID = 0x0268;

Context context;

public Main() {
    context = new Context();
    int result = LibUsb.init(context);

    if (result != LibUsb.SUCCESS) {
        throw new LibUsbException("Unable to initialize libusb.", result);

    ByteBuffer data = ByteBuffer.allocate(49);
    DeviceHandle ds3Handle = getDeviceHandle(findDevice(VID, PID));
    LibUsb.controlTransfer(ds3Handle, (byte)0xa1, (byte)0x1, (short)0x101, (short)0, data, 1000L);


private Device findDevice(int vid, int pid) {
    Device UsbDevice = null;
    DeviceList list = new DeviceList();
    int result = LibUsb.getDeviceList(context, list);

    if (result < 0) {
        throw new LibUsbException("Unable to get device list", result);

    try {
        for(Device device: list) {
            DeviceDescriptor descriptor = new DeviceDescriptor();
            result = LibUsb.getDeviceDescriptor(device, descriptor);

            if (result != LibUsb.SUCCESS) {
                throw new LibUsbException("Unable to read device descriptor", result);

            if (descriptor.idVendor() == vid && descriptor.idProduct() == pid) {
                UsbDevice = device;
    } finally {
        LibUsb.freeDeviceList(list, true);

    return UsbDevice;

private DeviceHandle getDeviceHandle(Device device) {
    DeviceHandle handle = new DeviceHandle();
    int result =, handle);

    if (result != LibUsb.SUCCESS) {
        throw new LibUsbException("Unable to open USB device", result);

    return handle;

public static void main(String [] args){
    new Main();



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LibUsb.freeDeviceList (list, true);

This is a problem true

. "final boolean unrefDevices" is displayed in the javadoc. Your code releases the device before you have a chance to open it.



Just passing to false is not enough, you also need to call refDevice with the device you need to return Example:

    } finally {
        // Ensure the allocated device list is freed
        LibUsb.freeDeviceList(list, false);

    if (deviceFound != null) {
        // Device found
    return deviceFound;




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