SQLAlchemy, how does it connect to an existing MYSQL database created in mysql workbench?

I am trying to create simple python GUI applications to populate an existing MYSQL database. Should I use sqlalchemy to connect to the server? I'm just wondering how Alchemy can connect to an existing database that has been created with the MYSQL toolkit? I usually create database and tables using sqlalchemy so I can query and edit it. But for this case, the database has already been created. I guess the question would be, how do I create the SQLAlchemy code of an existing DB? Sorry for the lack of better words to explain my problem. I am not familiar with the database.


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You can use sqlacodegen to generate python code for models in an existing database. You can also use SQLAlchemy's built in ability to mirror tables, or even map to classes , to dynamically load everything at runtime. SQLAlchemy doesn't care about where the database came from, where it is or what it looks like.



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