Implementing java.nio.FileSystem Commons VFS package?

I know there is an Apache Commons VFS that allows you to connect to different things FileSystem

, where it FileSystem

could be something like FTP, HTTP, SFTP, Zip file, or just a local file system.

I'm wondering, after doing some searching (mostly on Google and VFS sites) and nothing happened, there was an implementation java.nio.FileSystem

that would wrap the VFS.

My use case is as follows: I have a personal project where I need to read the content of a file or the content of a directory listing in order to do something with that content (like indexing, etc.).

I am currently using java.nio.Path

to represent the path of a file I am reading and would like to add a function later to work with an SSH connection (I don’t need this "now", but the question still interests me).


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