Windows: Maximize Around / Treat My Window Like a Taskbar?

We are working on a "dashboard" application that is basically "always on top" and hangs on the left side of the screen in an annoying way. (This is an internal enterprise application, not something the world will be subjected to and then rounded off.)

My question is: Is there a way to make other application windows treat my application window like a taskbar? IE, when someone is maximizing an application, it won't maximize behind my application?

We may already be holding it on top, but I think it will be very annoying if we disable 1/8 of their application windows when they are maximized.

We are currently writing this in C ++ / Qt and customizing Win7 / Win8.



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Update: . The best way to do this is using the AppBar API, as @andrewMedico's comment. This will keep the system aware of the app drawer and ensure correct screen docking and does not overlap the taskbar or other app drawers.

In XP, what you're looking for is called the "Desk Band".

Unfortunately this is deprecated in Windows 7. I don't know if it works or not.

Alternatively, in Vista and WIndows 7, you can use the gadget in the gadget panel.

At the heart of this approach is challenge SystemParametersInfo(SPI_SETWORKAREA)

. This tells the system where to "maximize space". If you are not using the recommended AppBar API, you will need to occasionally check (or be notified) when any other program changes the workspace so that you can provide placement.



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