How does iOS identify a beacon-based app?

Since iOS8, when next to a beacon, the system shows the icon of the application that uses this beacon in the lower left corner on the locked screen. I have seen screenshots on the internet showing the shopping card icon when the user does not have the app installed. Wondering how iOS identifies an app based on a beacon? Does the developer have to register their beacons somewhere?

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These icons are for apps already installed on the phone (screenshots show AppStore app and Apple Store app). The icons are displayed on the lock screen whenever apps find the beacon they are looking for.

Other people have reported that the AppStore has prompted them to download a retail app when it's near a retail store, but this has yet to be confirmed. See here: Can I open the iOS app in the lower left corner of the lock screen?

There is no publicly announced way to register a beacon with the AppStore to trigger this behavior, although it is possible that this is part of some private dealings or trial attempts between Apple and third-party retailers.

If anyone else sees this behavior please provide the seller's name and location so others can try to reproduce.



All of this is available from Apple. You can read more in this document .

Essentially, you create a UUID that you insert into any iBeacons that you want to use with your application. Then your application has this UUID, so it knows when iBeacons around you are interested.

Top of page 3 in the linked document.



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