IOS :: We found that your application is in the category of applications that are often used for illegal file sharing

Reasons 22.4: Apps that allow illegal file sharing will be rejected

----- 22.4 -----

We found that your app is in the category of apps that are frequently used for illegal file sharing, which is not in line with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Specifically, the app allows users to share music. See attached screenshot / s for more information.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the concept of your application and assess whether you can include various materials and functions that are consistent with the Guide.

For information on app design, check out the videos: Ingredients for Great Apps and Designing User Interfaces for iPhone and iPad Apps, available in the iOS Developer Center, and in particular, iOS Interface Guides, sections, Great iOS Apps embody the principles of platform design and HI "and" Human interface principles ".

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I got this error on the App Store. How can I solve this? I receive an iTunes music file and stream it to Mail, Messages and Airdrop. What is the reason? I am also getting MPMediaArtwork. Artwork, song titles and songs are played during showing in a spreadsheet cell after I take a screenshot from my device.


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Finally I got a solution. If we downloaded songs from iTunes.That Playlist falls under the playlist. Like this Pic.In this we can easily find out which songs are copied to the right [Purchased songs] " This game list name → " Purchased After we can easily remove from Tableview based on " MPMediaPlaylistPropertyName ", but your problem is only solved in Playlist Others the tabs mean Artist and Albums In particular, the purchased MPMediaItemPropertyAssetURL songs coming from this we can also fix easily. Fixed grammar errors It works for me.  



It's pretty clear what the message says: you can't create an app that shares files. ITunes files are copyrighted so that only the user downloading it can listen to it (except for another device on the same iTunes account). I guess from the above text you want to stay away from file sharing.

Apple takes potential copyright issues very seriously, so this kind of app is clearly not allowed. My recommendation is to go through Apple's documentation and find an application idea that doesn't conflict with your Apple policies. Though unfortunately your hard work won't be able to get it done in the app store and it will always take risks when building an app. Apple may reject it for any reason, including "We do not find this application useful," although this bar seems rather low.

You can always contact Apple and ask them if there is a way to share files that is consistent with their policies, but my understanding of the policy is that you simply cannot do it. Good luck to you.



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