Vagrant / VirtualBox shared folders without vboxsf

I am working on a project that uses Vagrant (with a Linux guest) for a build environment. The build process relies on mmap()

for creating specific binaries for applications. Unfortunately, vboxsf

VirtualBox's mechanism for sharing directories with the host seems to have some (7-year) problems withmmap


I can get around this by working in guest private storage and then copying the files back to the shared directory, but this is ugly and slow.

For logistic reasons, I cannot use any other vagrant provider other than VirtualBox and cannot change the project to avoid using it mmap()


Does anyone know if there are other ways to share the directory with VirtualBox and if Vagrant can be configured to do this?


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Vagrant can use different strategies to keep folders in sync. Currently, in addition to, vboxsf

you can choose between:

  • NFS (on Linux and OS X hosts)
  • SMB (on Windows hosts)
  • Rsync (one way only)

You can find more information by reading the official Vagrant docs .



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