WordPress error: upload folder is not writable. Export and file upload functions won't work

I just transferred my wordpress data to a new server. After that, I cannot download the media file.

Control panel error indicating the download folder is not writable. Export and file upload functions will not work.

My Dashboard Error, I have also changed my permission of uploads folder.


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You need to update the permissions of the download directory.

if you have ssh access to something like chmod a+w wp-content/uploads

or if you are using any FTP client try right clicking on the folder and set write permission group

or all


If you don't know where your folder is you can check wp-config.php

for this linedefine( 'UPLOADS', YOUR UPLOAD FOLDER HERE);



Depends on your environment. Find out which user is running Wordpress and follow these steps:

chown -R user:group /root/of/install/wp-content/uploads
chmod -R 755 /root/of/install/wp-content/uploads


replace "user" with the user who runs wp and does the same for "group" also make sure the ftp application you are using is running as user the same as "user" above

if you don't care about security you can just run

chmod -R 777 /root/of/install/wp-content/uploads





The download folder was not writable. The load path must be deleted in the database> wp_options table.



I just had this problem after migrating the site to a new server.

The filesystem paths on the new server are different from the old server, so your boot path is apparently not writable as it is not on the new server.

The problem is that sometimes WordPress populates an option upload_path

in a table wp_options

. Just like the comment above with PHP Define: 'UPLOADS'

which may be set in yours wp-config.php

is not ideal as it hardcodes your paths.

So the fix is ​​pretty simple: you need to clear (as when deleting) either the key from the table wp_options

, or just the value of that key.

How to do it? There is a convenient way to do this in WordPress itself: (careful: be careful not to change any other field in the next steps besides the one you are looking for).

  1. Login to your WP Admin
  2. Go to this URL on your site: /wp-admin/options.php

    . This will provide you with a complete list of WP Options in your wp_options

    database wp_options

  3. Find (Ctrl + F) the following option name: upload_path

  4. If it got a value, just remove what's in that field.
  5. Do not change anything else and click Save Changes


WordPress will start using the default path ( /wp-content/uploads/

) to your upload folder



I solved this problem by doing the following:

  1. Open myphpadmin through your cpanel and open your database.

  2. Select a design table

  3. Find the line named upload_url and click "Edit".

  4. Delete the value and click Save



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