Git won't re-merge after flushing a no-commit merge

I started merging from one branch to another. Conflicts fixed, a test run was performed, and the issue was flagged.

Instead of trying to fix the merge errors, I decided to reset and fix the problem.

Bug fixed, fixed and clicked on change.

Now, when I try to merge again, git tells me that I am up to date, even though diff shows a lot of changes that I need.

Any idea how I can tell git that I am not essentially updating with a branch, I have never merged from?

Trying to plot a graph for this:

develop -\------------\------------------------------\---
         |             \                              \  
         \- Branch ---- \- Canceled Merge-\            \ 
                                           \-- Fixes ---\ Merge that won't see changes


I'm not sure if this is the correct way to imagine what happened. Here is the "complete story"

  • Debugging from development
  • Make changes
  • Development of changes occurs
  • Start merging with expand into branch
  • Revert merge changes before any commits with Reset
  • Fix the bundle in the branch, commit the changes (and push to the remote)
  • Attempting to merge with Develop, git asserts relevance despite large Diff output.

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