GTK apps show "green" too dark

Using Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty, for some reason some GTK applications show things that should be "green" like a color that is very close (but not identical) to "dark green". Couldn't see anything strange in gtk or X11 rgb.txt tempos. Several other colors don't look quite right. Example in gvim: Screenshot of gvim, showing strange colors

Another example happens in a GTK application gitk

where the branch names in the revision tree use a dark green background color instead of the usual bright green it should be: Screenshot of gitk, showing dark green branch names


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To fix gitk edit: ~/.config/git/gitk

and change all green events to # 00ff00. Now the official new color is actually called lime, and green is identical to dark green to make the green look the same as the colors on the web (as opposed to the X11 colors). Someone had brain fart ( bug # 744131 ). However, I will not use lime, but rather hardcoded # 00ff00, because my experience with these systems tells me that lime should get another person's certain mood.

In particular, the background of the branch name is the entry: set headbgcolor #00ff00

If the file is empty or does not exist, you can simply create a file with that name and add a line to it headbgcolor


All other tools that were broken by this bold change by the Tcl developers should be reconfigured in a similar way if they allow it. If not, the applications must be modified as the Tcl developers seem stubborn about this issue.