Xcode 6 Migrate to Image Objects - Black Start Screen

I updated my app to use Image Asset for the app icon and launcher images, which I set as with the appropriate image size as per Apple Doc. The problem is that I have for Iphone and simulator for (4S / 5 / 5S) image / launcher screen is always black except for Iphone 6+, but it works fine on iPad. I looked at a couple of posts here and nothing worked like this

         1) deleting the asset catalog and creating a new one      
         2) adding @2x and 3@x to each file before adding to the catalog
         3) removing and redeploying the application 

      Anyone had that issue when porting image catalog ? Im using Xcode 6  
      Targeting ios 7 and 8


Thanks Mike

       Update 1
          When disabling landscape launch screen appears normally
          something i noticed before doing, so on either the device and the simulator
          the application starts in landscape even if the device is held in portrait 
          and then it rotate to portrait. Still trying to solve that issue now



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The following steps work for me:

  • Add images to the project (root or Resources folder) with the following nomination (I will describe them in the images to launch Portrait): Degault.png (3.5 "), default-567h @ 2x (4"), default -667h @ 2x (iPhone 6), default is 736 @ 2x (iPhone 6plus).
  • Go to target settings, application icons and launch images in the General tab β†’ Set Launch Source to avoid using the asset catalog (β€œDon't use asset catalogs”).
  • Remove the LaunchImage asset from the main image asset.
  • Go to Target Settings, Application Icons and Launch Images under General Tab β†’ Set Launch Source to Use Asset Catalog
  • Xcode 6 is going to ask you about migrating image objects from existing images. Just click "Migration".

And it worked for me for every type of device on iOS7, iOS8. Note: If you check the new LaunchImage asset, you will see that this is really strange. It seems to contain only a few images without iPhone6 ​​or iPhone 6plus resolution images.



I found that if I go to the general purpose tab of the application and delete all device orientations, the launch image is displayed again (i.e. the black screen disappears). After launching the app, I went back to the main app target tab and restored the device orientation to my desired orientation and the launch images continue to work as desired.



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These are probably very simple steps, but:

  • Have you tried doing a full cleanup and deleting derived data?
  • Have you checked the General tab of your goal, under Application Icons and Launch Images?