Is there a way to declare the Groovy string format in a variable?

I currently have a fixed format for asset management code that uses the Groovy string format using a dollar sign:

def code = "ITN${departmentNumber}${randomString}"


A code will be generated that looks like this:


However, I have a new requirement that the code format is customizable. I would like to demonstrate this functionality by allowing the user to set a custom format string like:

OCP $ {departmentNumber} XI $ {randomString}

PAN - $ {randomString}

The output will be:



Which Groovy then interprets and replaces the corresponding variable value. Is this possible, or do I need to manually parse the placeholders and manually execute string.replace?


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I believe that lazy evaluation of GString fits the bill :

deptNum = "C001"
randomStr = "wot"

def code = "ITN${deptNum}${->randomStr}"

assert code == "ITNC001wot"

randomStr = "qwop"

assert code == "ITNC001qwop"




I think the original poster wants to use a variable as a format string. The answer is that string interpolation only works if the format is a string literal. It seems like it should be downgraded at String.format

compile time. I ended up usingsprintf

baseUrl is a string containing

loaded from properties file

def operation = "tickle"
def target = "dog"
def url = sprintf(baseUrl, operation, target)





I suppose in this case you don't need to use lazy evaluation of GString, normal String.format()

from java will do it:

def format = 'ITN%sX%s'
def code = { def departmentNumber, def randomString -> String.format(format, departmentNumber, randomString) }
assert code('120AHK', 'NMUHKL') == 'ITN120AHKXNMUHKL'
format = 'OCP%sXI%s'
assert code('120AHK', 'NMUHKL') == 'OCP120AHKXINMUHKL'


Hope this helps.



for Triple double quote

def password = "30+"

def authRequestBody = """
<dto:authTokenRequestDto xmlns:dto="">