Replace digits of length 2 to 8 with a specific character using regex

We have a security issue where a certain field in the database contains some sensitive information. I need a way to find numbers from 2 to 8, replace the digits with "filler" of the same length.

For example:

Mike9999999999Thompson * Note: this is 10 in length and we don't want to replace the digits
123Area Code
Tim Johnson5555555


In these cases, at any time we find a number that is between 2 and 8 (inclusive), then I want to replace / fill / replace this value with 0 and keep the length of the original digits

Final result

   000Area Code
   Tim Johnson0000000


Is there an easy way to accomplish this with RegEx?


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You need to provide a static evaluator method to replace. It replaces the numbers in the match with zeros:

public static string Evaluate(Match m)
     return Regex.Replace(m.Value, "[0-9]", "0");


And then use it with this code:

string input = "9999999099999Thompson534543";
MatchEvaluator evaluator = new MatchEvaluator(Program.Evaluate);
string replaced = Regex.Replace(input, "(?:^|[^0-9])[0-9]{2,8}(?:$|[^0-9])", evaluator);


Regular expression:

  • (?:^|[^0-9])

    - must start or start with a non-digit
  • [0-9]{2,8}

    - capture 2 to 8 digits
  • (?:$|[^0-9])

    - must be at the end or after it not contain numbers


For the clever regex department only. This is not an efficient regular expression.



Replace with 0


/(?<=(?>(?'front'\d){0,7})) # Measure how many digits we're behind.
  \d # This digit is matched
    (?'back' # Measure how many digits we're in front of.
      # For every digit here, subtract one group from 'front',
      # As to assert we'll never go over the < 8 digit requirement.
  (?!\d) # no more digits
  (?'-front') # At least one capturing group left for 'front' or 'back'
 |(?'-back')  # for > 2 digits requirement.




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